Risk & Reg Technology

Mashruu is rolling out a game changing Predictive Analytics platform that calculates regulatory and internal risk measures. Our quantitative models takes into account new data types and captures true Islamic Finance principles to monitor the volatilities of the underlying assets using social, geo political macro and micro-economic factors.

Technological innovation is paramount to the success of the Islamic Finance industry, our passion has driven us to build a pioneering predictive analytics platform. Our in-house quantitative research team have carefully developed the models to calculate our internal risk measures.  Our MTM platform is easily integrated with all known major database providers such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL.

We will partner with you from inception to delivery from choosing the most suitable technology for your firm to evaluating the success of the delivery.

Our technological solutions capabilities are summarised below:


  • Predictive analytics & workflow system


  • SQL server, oracle data warehouse solution


  • Intraday and end of day trade processing


  • Business intelligence reporting system


  • Islamic banking, trade, treasury and credit system

Our MTM Platform (Mashruu Tahliliat Maliat)  calculates Regulatory and Internal Risk managenent measures.  New data types are incorporated in our risk models enabling game changing predictive internal risk management and monitoring.