Risk Management

Mashruu specialises in implementing risk management metrics, measures and monitoring frameworks for Islamic financial institutions.

Mashruu is cognisant that risk management is one of the most important columns of Islamic Finance. Islamic Financial Risk needs to be harnessed, nurtured, innovated and developed to ensure alliance with the Maqasid al Sharia. This is also paramount for the success of Islamic financial institutions to reach global scale whilst closely maintaining their financial risk position.


Our risk management solutions offering covers:






Credit & Counterparty Risk

  • Credit limit sanctioning and process change/workflow system development.

  • Islamic FX hedging exposure measurement implementation and monitoring.

  • Fundamental risk analysis on exposure at default for the underlying assets of Murabaha, Sukuk, Musharaka, Salam, and Wa’ad and many more permutation of these key products.

  • Collateral optimisation and user  computing development.




  • Market risk process review and advisory.

  • Asset sensitivities measures & monitoring system implementation.

  • Displaced commercial risk advisory.




Systematic Risk

  • Market risk review and advisory.

  • Underlying assets sensitivities measure and monitoring implementation.

  • Displaced Commercial Risk advisory.




Systematic Risk




  • Sharia non-compliance monitoring & governance uplift implementation.


Conduct & Compliance Risk

We are committed to our clients, we therefore provide a pro bono review of Islamic bank’s risk management framework (over a limited period of time) to recommend an uplift to existing processes where necessary.



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Our services are centred on Innovation. Report soon to be published.