Mashruu,"Project" in Arabic, is a technology geared Islamic Financial Solutions and Advisory firm, specialising in Internal Risk Management Processes, Regulatory Risk Change and Risk/Reg Technology.

Our Mission & Vision

To advance Islamic finance institutions' (IFIs) implementation and application of regulatory and internal risk management through technological innovation.

To implement groundbreaking and "best in class" risk management techniques and technologies (Tech x2) to support the financial growth and stability of IFIs. In return allowing IFIs to increase their ethical financial inclusion in developing countries and societies and to support sustainable economic prosperity.


Our Values

To apply our FIRST initiative in all of our endeavours which comprise of:

Fair treatment to all our clients no matter the size or importance of the project.

Innovative application of all projects engaged in to ensure optimum solution delivery.

Responsible handling of sensitive and private data using the most stringent operational procedures.

Sustainable solutions delivered to our clients to ensure sufficient and autonomous scalability and maintenance.

Technological systems and processes applied to our solutions delivered, maximising the benefit whilst minimising effort.


We understand that the Islamic financial sphere is dynamic and constantly changing and Mashruu has positioned itself strategically to provide quality and pioneering solutions.


Our staff are formed of academics, technology professionals, Islamic Finance industry experts and practitioners available for global deployment to  provide quality services in an agile approach.

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